Other DNA Tests

Other DNA Tests

DNA Vietnam is a full-service DNA testing laboratory. In addition to testing direct biological relationship such as paternity and maternity, our nationally recognized DNA experts can also perform the following specialty DNA tests that require more sophisticated methodology and expertise:


The Y-STR DNA test uses nucleus DNA markers found on Y-chromosome to determine if two or more male individuals belong to the same paternal lineage. It is based on the genetic fact that the Y chromosome is passed from father to son(s) relatively unchanged through many generations. In this DNA test, some highly differential markers on the Y chromosome are examined, and DNA profiles for these markers are generated. These Y-STR profiles are then compared to determine if there is a match. Males related through their fathers have the same or very similar Y-STR profiles, and those who are not have different profiles.

Y-STR DNA testing is typically used by genealogy researchers, people who want to find out if they are paternally related, or in forensics.

mt-DNA Test

The mt-DNA (mitocondrial DNA) test determines if two individuals belong to the same maternal lineage. Both males and females inherit mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from their mothers, but only females pass mtDNA to their children. This DNA test compares the mtDNA sequence on some non-nucleus DNA of the tested parties to determine if they are maternally related. mtDNA doesn’t change very much from generation to generation. However, there is a region in the mtDNA that does have a mutation rate. When the mutation is found, it indicates that your maternal lineage has branched off from others over the years.

mtDNA testing is typically used by genealogy researchers, people who want to find out if they are maternally related, or in forensics when nucleus DNA testing is not an option or it is difficult to obtain enough viable DNA.

Twin Zygosity DNA Test

The twin zygosity DNA test is used to determine if twins are identical or fraternal. Every person’s DNA is unique except for identical twins. If the twins share the exact same DNA profiles, they are identical. If they don’t share the exact same DNA profiles, they are fraternal.

This DNA test is used for personal curiosity or to help solve health problems when a twin needs an organ or tissue donor. The identical twin is a perfect choice as a donor in these medical circumstances.

Avuncular DNA Test

The avuncular (aunt/uncle) DNA test is used to determine relatedness between a child and his/her uncle/aunt when the biological parent that links the relationship is deceased or unavailable for testing. Participation of the child’s other parent is strongly encouraged for more conclusive results.

This DNA test is used to determine paternity/maternity indirectly when the parent is not available for testing. The test results vary from strongly supported (conclusive) to inconclusive.

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